[Dusk Sun|Delightfully Fragrant Taste] (75g)


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[Dusk Sun|Delightfully Fragrant Taste] (75g)

Highly recommended to those who like tea with a unique and distinctive character!


Red Oolong Tea Cooperative

The cooperative was co-founded by smallholder farmers, who joined as shareholders (members). Tea farmers, tea factories, tea makers and tea merchants work together to create a brand of Red Oolong Tea. Combining the expertise of each partner, we make the best of everyone’s resources and capabilities to set quality standards for Red Oolong Tea and present diverse flavors.

The Characteristics of Tea Produced by the Red Oolong Tea Cooperative

  • Find the best tea for consumers
    Cooperate with professional tea tasters to set high standards
    Only high-quality tea with a score of 80+ will be accepted
  • Blend high-quality tea leaves of the same grade
    In addition to stabilizing the quality of tea in each season
    the flavorful blend gives Red Oolong Tea a richer taste
  • High-quality products with a certified origin
    Make sure that the quantity of tea leaves corresponds to the area of the plantation
    Prevent imported tea from passing off as Taiwanese tea to ensure flavor and safety
  • Use eco-friendly farming to manage plantations
    We only purchase tea leaves grown using eco-friendly farming methods
    Each batch is sent for drug testing to make sure that no pesticide is detected
  • Fair price and mechanism for buying tea
    We communicate directly with consumers through the cooperative
    Tea farmers can invest in tea making with a profit above market expectations

[Dusk Sun|Delightfully Fragrant Taste] (75g)

Highly recommended to those who like tea with a unique and distinctive character!

A tea with inimitable style and an enticing aroma and blend! It has a spicy cypress base note with faint but refreshing scents of grapefruit peel and lemon balm. Its midsummer fruity fragrance consists of the sweet scents of passion fruit, mango and pineapple under the blazing sun. Combining the aromatic fragrances of the forest, nectar and red flowers, it has a rich taste with many layers of flavor.

The tea liquor, whose orange-red color is as resplendent as amber, is smooth, sweet and mellow to the taste. Its luxurious fragrance reminds one of a summer afternoon. Life seems to become more beautiful with every sip of tea.

▧ Editor’s Recommendation ▧
If “Dawn Sun” is the sweet and pretty girl next door, then “Dusk Sun” would definitely be the actress Dilireba with long wavy hair and stunning looks. The clear yet complex and profound romantic feeling is truly unique. A must-try for those who like Earl Grey tea, Ruby black tea or whiskey.

Place of Origin

Red Oolong Tea was created in Luye, Taitung, in 2008. The process of making Red Oolong matches perfectly with the altitude, terrain and natural conditions of Luye. Because of its sweet aroma and taste, apart from tea lovers, it has also gained popularity among young people in recent years. With a degree of fermentation close to black tea, Red Oolong is the most fermented tea among all in the oolong category. However, it still retains the fixation process of oolong tea and uses the dark roasting technique, giving the Red Oolong its amber red color and sweet finish.

The Five Guarantees of the Red Oolong Tea Cooperative

  • Made in Taiwan | On-site inspection of the place of origin is performed to ensure the source of tea
  • Absolutely Safe | No additives or pesticide residues
  • Quality Assurance | Selected by national tea tasters
  • Source Control | Products are traceable through unique registration numbers
  • Protect Originality | Luye Township Office issued the certification mark of origin

From the exploratory discussions and preparations at the end of 2020,
to the new beginning in 2021 and the challenges of Covid-19,
though there have been ups and downs along the way,
we have also received many awards,
which makes us more determined to become a global brand.